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Linda is amazing at her job. She has helped me last several years with my plan. Thank you so much.

Charlene P


Once again I put my trust in Linda and she did not disappoint. I like her sincere attention to me and my needs.
Thank you Linda for always been there for me.

Ellie C

The best

Linda was the best last year (2020). She helped my husband and I make some tough decisions. She was kind and understanding and explained everything. Thank you.

Diane N

I have known Linda for

I have known Linda for some time and was never concerned about what to do when it was time to sign up for Medicare. I knew she would take care of things and make it a simple process and an easy decision on what to choose. She discussed my needs and concerns and was able to give me choices that were easy to understand and her recommendations were appreciated. I have referred her to many people (even family members) and will continue to do so. Thank you Linda for making this process as smooth as it can be.

Barbara K

Medicare For Me is our winning team!

We were referred to Linda Robens by a family member when we moved from Oregon to Arizona. We had no clue where to start with our Medicare plan needs. Linda was so personable and professional. She showed us every possible option with comparisons. She is very responsive and knowledgeable which is why we returned to her for this years enrollment.
You can’t get a better experience when it comes to finding the right plan for you. Thanks Linda and Medicare for Me team.

Maggie N


I met Linda during a seminar at a library here in town some years ago. Once I was ready for Medicare, I contacted her. She wasted no time getting me the best Medicare and supplement plans for my needs. I have relied on Linda a few years now to keep me updated and on the best course for me. I have referred friends to her as well and they all are so glad that I did. Linda is a professional and very knowledgeable. She cares about her clients and is also available for them at a drop of a hat! I highly recommend Linda for health insurance of any kind.

Ellie C.

I was so fortunate to

I was so fortunate to have Lois Colcord by my side to help me with the transition of my In-laws Medicare insurance from New Jersey to Arizona. She took her time to research which plan would best suit them and reviewed the policy in layman’s terms, by doing so they saved over $400.00 a month which was a plus when living on fixed income. My In-laws decided to move back to NJ, Lois was there again to make the transition as seamless.

Lois took it one step further by helping my ex-husband who is in end stage renal failure and lives in another state. She helped explain to him and I, what Medicare options he might qualify for now that he is disabled. Lois reached out to a local broker in his area, explained his situation and was able to get him in touch with someone who would know the insurance market in his area and assist him in making the best decisions for his needs.

I highly recommend Lois to anyone who is making the transition to Medicare, she knows the market, listens to your needs and helps you make the best medical plan decision for your needs.

Gidget C.

Very knowledgeable

My husband and I have always had private insurance. When we enrolled in Medicare a few years ago Linda guided us through the process, she gave us multiple choices and helped us chose the best plan for our needs. It has been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable agent. We would highly recommend her for health insurance services of any kind.

Patricia B

Mike B.

In December,2018, my wife Laura and I were in the process of moving from Northern California to Peoria. We were very excited about moving into our new home which was almost finished.

As our move date was getting closer, I contacted AARP in order to transfer our medical coverage to Arizona. To my surprise, I was told by three different”experts” in Medicare coverage that I could not get a supplement plan for my disabled wife in Arizona.

After telling my wife that we were not going to be able to move without insurance, I called my real estate agent here in Peoria to tell her we were going to have to pull out of our purchase.

Thanks goodness she knew Linda. Within two hours I received a call from Linda and in 15 minutes she had the situation cleared up.
We have been here for 18 months now. We are more than satisfied with our coverage and we are very grateful for Linda’s help, not only in the princess of signing us up, but for continuously being there anytime we have a question. I highly recommend her.

Mike B.

Karen V.

I had the opportunity to work with Linda Robens last year. I am a self-employed professional and Linda assisted me with finding an affordable solution for my health care insurance.

Linda is a dedicated professional who listens carefully to her clients, finds the best solution for them and then efficiently executes the desired outcome.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Medicare supplement or health insurance of any kind.

Karen V.

Garry F.

My wife and I were overwhelmed with all the healthcare and drug insurance decisions to be made upon turning 65 a couple of years ago. I was burying myself in tables and charts trying to determine the best plan and underwriting insurance company for us. Then I was introduced to Linda Robens. In a very short time, Linda delivered a succinct presentation which carefully analyzed and cross-checked all products and their costs along with different levels of coverage within each plan as offered from all eligible companies in my area.

Linda asked all the right questions for her analysis in a most comfortable and personal manner. Her product and industry knowledge allowed her to make a couple of recommendations. Arriving at the best plan for us became an easy decision with the way Linda carefully identified the plusses and minuses with each option. I would enthusiastically endorse Linda to anyone facing important healthcare insuring decisions.

Garry F.

Andrew G.

When you face signing up for medicare and all of its parts for the first time it is overwhelming! Linda was a guiding light in the fog of all the choices. We have been blessed to have had her leading us thru all of the choices to find what was best and at the least cost to us. The added benefit is that she does does this at no cost to the consumer ! We look forward to her yearly check in to see if anything has changed.

Andrew G.

Sue O.

I had no idea there would be so many options to consider and decisions to be made when it came time to enroll in Medicare. Rather daunting when such choices aren’t in your wheelhouse! But, fortunately they are in Linda’s, and she is very good at walking one through the process. She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and always ready to answer any questions, but she also knows how to help narrow the scope and to not give too much info at one time. This is her business and she desires to be successful, I am sure, but she truly seems to be motivated by wanting to see each client end up with whatever is the best match for their needs and is a woman of integrity. Based on my medical needs, the physicians I want to be sure to keep, prescriptions I regularly take, and my budget/deductibles/level of coverage needs, she helped me to make what I believe is the best choice for me. I highly recommend her!

Sue O.

Geoffrey F.

Linda Robens has been our broker for Medicare for both my wife and myself for several years now. We could not be happier with her services and would highly recommend her to anyone else. She is extremely knowledgeable but able to communicate the facts in clear language that anyone can understand. She is always responsive when you have questions or need help.

Geoffrey F.

Chris P.

Linda was referred to me by a close friend who I trusted completely and he, again, was true to his word. I was new to Medicare and she walked me thru all the options and help me select the perfect option for my needs. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Chris P.

I just went on Medicare

I just went on Medicare and figuring out all the details was harder than I thought. Many more moving parts. I was referred to a specialist named Sharon Nova who works for Medicare for Me,LLC. She explained everything to me and told me all my options till I found the plan that works for me. I highly recommend her.

Marilyn R

Sharon helped my sister-in-law with

Sharon helped my sister-in-law with her Medicare and supplement plans after moving here from California. It was complicated and time-consuming but throughout it all, Sharon was patient, kind, and very professional. I highly recommend her to help with your Medicare needs.

Laurie B

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